Legal terms and individuals.


· This storage is regulated by Articles 303 and following of the Commercial Code.

· Storing illicit goods is forbidden.

· The depositor exonerates the depository company of any liability of the deposited goods and their characteristics exceeding custody and delivery in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and derivative and complementary regulations.

· There are four types of lockers: small, medium, large and maxi. The small, medium and large are individual lockers with personal key, they differ in size. The maxi locker is a space explicity enabled to deposit large lumps, safed by the staff of the depositary company. The depositary may not access to the inside of the locker maxi, being the staff of the depository company responsible for collecting and delivering packages depositary. The dimensions allowed for packages will be 100X50X50 cm maximum (Only 1 package).

· The access to the area of ​​lockers is just allowed to the person who made the check in at the register, who wears the wristband and the key. The depository cannot assign authorization to other person for access at the lockers area.

· It is compulsory to wear the wristband. It will be put to the depository when the goods are delivered and the register is signed. If they not wear the wristband / or the depositary has lost the locker key, the company will denied the access to the locker.

· To recover the assets when the locker key is lost, the depositor must be identified and pay to the company the amount of € 30, for changing the lock of the locker. This operation may do the days of festival from 7 to 23 hours under the supervision of the company.

· If the festival ended and the depositor had not collected the goods by a fault of the company, it is totally exonerated by the deposit and any liability or loss. The lockers not removed at the end of the festival, will be deposited in the space provided by the festival for lost items.

· The deposit will be refunded to the depositor, when they remove all the contents of the locker, return the key and sign the check out. It is compulsory before closing time camping.Deposit will only be refunded at the festival, not being able to be claimed after the end of this.

· The depositor expressly agrees to abide by the regulations and guidelines for security and coexistence of the festival. Also exempt the depositary for the case that, because of the application of the regulations, must deliver the locker to any of the security forces who required it.

· The depositor expressly declares to have read the rules about deposit, understand and abide by them.